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It all began with a wondrous dream to bring people joy through chocolate

See how we mix and swirl our scrumptious chocolate

We have a fleet of fantabulous chocolate-powered trucks

See how we collect the joy that makes our wonderful chocolate

This little canary whistles to the chocolate at night when everyone else has gone home to bed

The Enrobing Machine covers absolutely anything you want in chocolate. Anything. Amazing!

Cadbury Dairy Milk is made to a


Please help us safe guard the recipe by waking up our security guard.

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Now you can personalise a chocolate creation for you or someone special.

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Chocolate is the only thing that tastes great at any temperature.

Get a taste of our chocolate fountain experience.

Oh goodness, we're still riding high on a chocolate bubble after our Magnificent Musical Fountain came to London Westfield...

They say every seventh wave is
bigger than the six before it.

That's because there's even more
joy in it!

We made a giant chocolate
fountain within our


Sound delicious? It was!
Watch how we did it!